Top Twelve Moments from Composer Eric Whitacre’s Reddit AMA

Eric Whitacre, composer and conductor, had his second AMA on Reddit earlier this week. Check out the top twelve moments here:

He’s old-fashioned, Y’all.

Old-fashioned composer.

He gives solid advice for young composers.

Solid advice for young composers.

He is really into clusters.

The Cluster Guy.

He has a power chord progression, and it’s a GOOD one.

Power chord progression.

He’s not afraid to throw huge pieces of a composition away when they just don’t “work.”

Kill it with fire.

He will gladly join your 80’s techno-pop band.

Bring on the funky glasses.

He has named our musical era: The Golden Age of Composition.

Golden Age of Composition

He has EUREKA moments when playing accidental chords.


He has a sick list of collaboration requests. Oh, the possibilities!

Collaborate with me baby!

He has NO PROBLEM with parallel fifths.

Parallel Fifths.

He has both fans and critics of his work.


He’s always up for a game of trashketball with middle schoolers.

Trashketball, y'all.

Sound off: What questions would you like to ask Eric Whitacre?