Programs and Pricing

Start Off on the Right Note!

Your first music lesson is always free at Encore Music Studio. A teacher-student relationship analysis is conducted to ensure good fit, and no pressure is given to the student to continue lessons if they do not feel comfortable. Semesterly contracts are signed once the student has decided to commit to piano, voice, or flute lessons.

Beginner’s Program

Monthly Tuition: $140 Piano, $160 Flute/Voice

Beginners on piano, flute, and voice have 30-minute lessons, once per week. This ensures adequate time is allocated to review the previous week’s lesson, learn new concepts and techniques, and perform for mastery. Students are encouraged to practice daily to reaffirm their commitment to their music education.

Intermediate Program

Monthly Tuition: $175 Piano, $195 Flute/Voice

Students of an intermediate level on piano, flute, and voice are consistently performing at a level of excellence that exceeds the beginner. They require a 45-minute lesson, once per week, and may be subject to auditions, UIL Competitions, and various music contests across the state. These students seek out regular performance opportunities in their local churches and businesses to enhance their stage presence and conquer nerves.

Advanced Program

Monthly Tuition: $240 Piano, $260 Flute/Voice

Advanced performers on piano, flute, and voice have had at least seven years of formal training from Encore Music Studio or other private studio, are at the late-high school or college level and are progressively enhancing their repertoire for university, operatic, symphonic, or other solo and ensemble-type audition or performance. Advanced students require lessons one hour in length, once per week, with additional support available for auditions/rehearsals. Advanced students are encouraged to contact Izzie Chea for specialized lesson offerings.