5150019644_b20b7a0325_oThe piano is a magnificent instrument, providing the bases and foundational music skills necessary for broader understanding later in life. A music education rooted in piano lessons opens the door to all other instruments. Students begin as young as five years old, and find joy in learning from a fun and creative piano teacher like Izzie. All levels from beginner to advanced are welcome.


9092931133_feedffd7af_oThe flute is a star of the orchestra, with a brilliant sound and full-bodied depth. Featured in many solo and orchestral works, the flute is sure to please the student on many levels. Flute lessons begin around nine years old through high school, as a great level of focus is required to learn the intricacies of the instrument.


8013599777_c6ae3b8dcb_oSinging is a gift, which many people enjoy sharing during church services, performances for family and friends, and competitions. Come cultivate your talent, develop your skills, and test your limits by partaking in private voice lessons in Houston. Students of all ages, styles, and skills welcome. Small vocal ensembles will also be accepted on a case by case basis.